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I couldn’t believe it when I heard that they had made King Kong into a musical, but I guess now that the iconic movie has been made into a slot game anything goes!

There are lots of movies that have been made into slots, and obviously there’s a lot you can do with an exciting movie like King Kong, but I was totally blown away by the level of detail involved with this slot. I do know there’s another version of the slot – an older, animated-style game by Cryptologic (if you want this type of game, Gala Casino is the place to go) – but I personally prefer the video slots with fancy, flashy graphics and the wherewithal to make me feel like I’m watching the movie all over again!

King Kong slot is so good they’ve actually released a few types versions of the game, but I played the original ‘8th Wonder of the World’ so that’s the one I’ll tell you about. The Playtech version is pretty impressive. Whilst you’re buffering away, there’s an incredibly detailed intro showing the ship which sets the story up nicely. You can see the city with all its bright night lights and the jungle with its wild fecundity. It’s a brilliant juxtaposition and really gets you in the mood to be confronted with a gigantic gorilla!

First of all, you can play King Kong slot in Jungle Game mode or Big City mode. With both of the modes, the symbols will change but the paylines remain the same. Both modes have an awesome ‘respins’ feature which allows you to spin the reels again, but the most exciting part of this is the fact that each mode has its own bonus game!

The Jungle Game mode allows you to enter the Skull Island bonus. You’re taken to a map with several locations and you have to reveal three of the same type of creature to win a prize, or King Kong reveals the grand prize.

The Big City mode allows you to enter the City Tower bonus. Poor Kong is under attack at the top of the City Tower by a whole lot of attack planes – three planes try to attack him and you choose one to take down, netting you a cash prize. This happens three times, so there’s heaps of cash for you to win!

King Kong slot is an amazing game that’s full of fun features and incredible graphics. I think it’s easily one of the best slots I’ve ever played – make sure you try it!

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