Though it is true that slots are a fun game to play and many people are attracted to it because of the fact that the numerous themes keep them stick to it, the fact that hefty prize amounts are associated with slots is also a strong factor in why people play slots. A single lucky spin of the reels, and the life of the lucky player can take a sharp turn if a jackpot is struck.

A progressive jackpot means the collection of money associated with a game rises with each game played. The game of slots is linked to all the players no matter from what part of the world they are playing and each time a player plays the game, the money in the progressive jackpot keeps on increasing.

Some software networks link several slots together so that whenever a player plays one of the slots, the prgoressive jackpot on all of them increases. A great example of this kind of progressive jackpot is the Microgaming network jackpots or Playtech’s Marvel slot suite.

The volume of money in a progressive jackpot builds as time goes on. It is set to a certain level after being won by a player, which is still a very high amount.

Progressive jackpots have bonus games set along which are extremely fun to play even if prizes are not won. Some games come with multiple progressive jackpots to increase the chances of winning.

Some slots have non-progressive jackpots associated with them, which may not be as hefty as progressive jackpots, but are nevertheless very interesting to play. Non-progressive jackpots are fixed and do not increase with the number of players playing. The winnings for a non-progressive jackpot are linked to a certain event in the slot, for example stacked wilds appearing all over the reels or many scatter symbols appearing together or different special symbols showing in some sequence over the slot screen.

For some players, the jackpot is not what matters. Some players are more inclined to enjoy the fun games with regular and steady payouts rather than search for a jackpot. Whilst this is also a great way to play, make sure you try for a progressive jackpot once in a while – it could change your life!

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