General Slot Features

Unlike many other casino games like blackjack and baccarat, slots can be learned to play by a new player very easily as they are one of the simplest games in casinos. They have lots of themes designed on many different subjects that keep players interested, and the features vary from machine to machine.

That being said, there are a few general features that tend to be common to all slot machines:

1. Wild Symbol
The symbol that can replace many other symbols on the slot to increase the chances of winning is the Wild symbol. It tends to be the most prevalent of features, and even very simple machines will often have a Wild symbol. Sometimes you will also find that the wild symbol acts as a multiplier.

The details of a wild symbol can be found on the slot machine paytable. Usually all symbols can be replaced by the wild symbol except for the bonus trigger and scatter symbol.

2. Scatter symbol
If the scatter symbol appears on the slot machine it can let players claim the associated payout without worrying about whether it has fallen on an active payline. The only thing you need to do to claim a scatter payout is to spin the requisite number of scatters on the screen.

3. Free spins
Yet another player favorite feature that is available in many slots is the feature of free spins. These free spins can let the user spin the reels on the slots without having to pay for each spin. They can be activated by various triggers like the active combination of scatter symbol thrice in a combination.

4. Bonus games
Bonus games are a very attractive feature on many slots and they can be activated by the appearance of symbols that may be certain bonus or any other symbols on an active payline. The bonus games can be activated randomly as well; whatever the mode of activation is, the bonus games tend to be the most beneficial and give the healthiest payout.

Bonus games incorporate the thematic features of a slot machine fully so that the players cannot resist getting indulged in these games.

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